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water runoff

is it safe to use the water that drips out of the window unit air conditioner in my garden
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I hand dug a 6" wide ditch all the way around my house then I put 4" PVC pipe in the ditch to collect all the water from all the roof down spouts and the air conditioner drain line. All the water goes to a tiny 2 ft pond size hole at the edge of my garden. I made irrigation trenches in the garden for the water. The tiny pond over flows and all the water runs down all the rows. During July and August we get very little rain a tiny sprinkle very seldom makes enough water to water my garden but a hard 10 minute thunderstorm makes plenty of water for the garden. One good watering a month is about all the water my garden gets during those 2 hot months.

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I'm pretty sure the water from your air conditioner is just condensate ... water that has condensed out of the warmer outside air. Unless the tray it drips into is contaminated in some way -- which I seriously doubt it is -- the water should be fine to use. That's my understanding, anyway. :)
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