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What is this?

I joined a community garden and "inherited" some existing plants -- but I don't know what they are. I've gotten some great help, but am still stumped by the dead looking thick stalks. They have thick bottoms almost like a palm tree with layers of dried stuff around them. Today I pulled one up and it had a tuber like root that was bright red and long going in a couple of directions.

I think someone suggested that the tall dried stems with little pods might be basil? Could it be lavender?

Lastly, in the middle of a huge bunch of what I know now is arugula, I have some large green leaves - any ideas?

I appreciate all your help! Happy gardening...

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Hard to tell. Middle left maybe Rosemary.

Your second link is broken.


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The big living plant looks like a potato from here (with maybe a bolting lettuce next to it putting up a flower stalk), and I agree that the other one might be rosemary (easy to test in person). The standing dried plants might be basil based on the plcement of the flower-seed clusters. The dead stumps might be tomato or peppers (very hard to guess from the pictures).

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For better identification, please give a close-up of *each* plant; then we can tell!

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looks like rosemary on the left middle, middle right looks like arugula. the tall dead things are basil( check the pods carefull there might be some seed in there for you to grow) second photo looks like some chard that is regrowing.
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That might be spinach in the upper left. However, I don't know why it would be found in the second year. Possibly the last crop was left to bolt and it dropped some seeds.

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Second photo,

I'm thinking chard also, but maybe beet or red vein sorrel.


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