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I think I Jumped the Gun

Had a trip planned last weekend to see two of my grandsons who live in Virginia. I had some tomato plants that were good size, healthy and ready for some good soil. Our temps had been good so I decided to put a few in the ground before I left. Used hole diggers and put them deep into the soil.

Well, while I was gone we had two "gully washers" and then the temps dipped into the high thirties and low forties. I checked the plants and the outside leaves appear damaged and white, and a couple of plants have bit the dust. I think I rushed things a bit. You know, it is a LONG time til Good Friday. Most plants seem to have some good healthy green growth in the middle top, so I will see what happens now that our weather is supposed to warm up a bit.

Will provide pictures when I can.
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They'll quite likely pull through barring any more low temps. It will set them back a bit though. Once you know what foliage and stems will make it, you might cloche, and mulch with something to generate some warmth for the roots. If you put a cloche or cover on too soon, the damaged bits will rot.

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the white leaves could be a fungus due to the damp conditions or it could just be sun scalding. Cut off the damaged leaves and spray with a milk solution. Plan on planting more tomatoes at the "proper" time, but keep an eye on them. They might pull through still.

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