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Harvested lots of greens today

I decided it was time to pull some of the stuff that has over wintered. I know, that is a strange concept to you folks up north still digging out of snow, but it is a fact of life in the deep south.

I saw where one of my collard plants was starting to bolt so I harvested all the leaves and wound up with a kitchen garbage bag full that is going with the wife to her place of work tomorrow to be parceled out.

I also harvested 10 large heads of Red Oak Leaf, 15 large heads of Black Seeded Simpson, 15 ft. of densely packed Curly Leaf Kale and the same for Swiss Chard. I've still got both lettuces in the ground and some Chard growing along my trellis for my cucumbers as companion plants.

It is time to put the Okra and a few more Heirloom Tomato plants in the ground and all of that needed to come out to do so. I have a whole 18 cu. ft. refrigerator full of washed and bagged greens waiting to head out the door later today to family and friends. If I tried to eat all that--------------well, let's just say it wouldn't be nice with all that roughage.

Now, for the summer stuff to start producing.

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greens like that can be dug up and potted and left to go to seed for next year. one plant can produce hundreds if not a thousand+ seeds.
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