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Time to plant?

I know some of you are already planting. I won't be doing much for another two weeks. I did sow a few onion seeds today.

I shared this with you last year, but thought you might like to see it again, or if not its for the newcomers.

[url=]Planting the Garden[/url]

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:D Cool. You have a beautiful garden spot. Thanks for sharing.

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Gorgeous views, no matter how many times I've seen the photos, still, captivating!

Planting - scrambling for time during the week, will be planting spinach, chard, onions, broccoli raab and leeks this Saturday. I miss the feel of soil so much!

Happy gardening to all!


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We're finally getting a break in the rain, hopefully for the next 7+ days. I will be trying to "harden off" and plant some more cool season transplants this week.
I've been starting the transplants for tomatoes, peppers, and such... but it's another 4 to 6 weeks before I will begin putting those into the garden.

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Gorgeous pictures, what a view!

I want to get planting this weekend; my onion sets arrived and my early broccoli and onions from seed are hardened off - but this rain! It's been unrelenting here for about 2 weeks. Temps are great for planting but the precipitation is not... I resorted to covering my potato and onion beds to try and let them dry out a bit and I'm hoping to get a gap in the rain to plant this weekend.... we'll see! The joys of sping Puget Sound!

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