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Complete Newbie with Salsa Garden in Arizona


I am completely new to gardening. My girlfriend however has been in the hobby to one extent or another for a couple of years now. I thought it would be neat to join her.

I am kinda food oriented and easily distracted, so I figured a good way to keep my attention was to try and grow a salsa garden. Here are the plants I am thinking of.

Anaheim Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers

These will likely all be in containers as we don't really have all that much room.

What I am looking for is general advice, any threads on this forum or others that I should look at, any specific books I should buy or website articles I should read. Keep in mind the following.

1. I am a newbie to this. I have no idea what im doing really.

2. I am a little lazy, I am not totally unwilling to do some work on this, but if its too hard with too little reward, I will likely lose interest (I just know myself and am trying to be honest with my limitations)

3. I live in arizona, this means it is noticeably sunnier and warmer than pretty much anywhere else in North America, I am not certain what affect this will have.

4. I will probably not be starting till mid-october, the local botanical garden has there fall plant sale around this time and this is probably when I will pick up most of the plants.

Any general tips? suggestions? Please point me to the proper sources of information.

Thanx in advance


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See my response here.


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