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Your favorites please?

I think I may have tried this before without much luck, but I'm trying again since hopefully by now everyone garden fever :)
What are your favorites of each veg? Ex: your favorite carrot? Brussel sprout? Broccoli? Etc. I'm still browsing for a handleful more seeds for the garden and am having an extremely hard time choosing, especially when it comes to cukes for pickling (I want little gherkins! -sp-)

So what do you like best and why?

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Denver Half long carrots do best for me my soil is too hard for long carrots.

Blue Lake bush beans are the best. No strings and great flavor. Very large producer on the first crop. Second and third crop is very small so I pull up the plants after the first crop and plant another crop. I get 2 good crops both with lots of beans.

Silver Queen corn is my favorite. It has a best flavor.

Beefsteak tomatoes are great slicing tomatoes for sandwiches they do not fall apart. They also have better flavor than most other tomatoes. Plants are large producers too with large tomatoes.

Yellow Crook neck squash works best for me. The plants produce a lot of squash maybe 15 each plans all summer. I tried straight neck yellow squash and they produce very few squash maybe 3 squash all summer.

Red potatoes grow better than white potatoes for me I think it is too hot and dry here.

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Favorites? I think you just gave me a reason to try out some more varieties, Dix :lol:. I have to say that out of what I've grown so far, I liked the chocolate cherry tomato (purple and prolific), the thai pepper (hot and prolific), butternut squash (of course), and black krim tomato (my most productive slicing heirloom last year).

However, I've got a lot more things to try before I can call my definitive favorites. Consider the above list my tentative favorites :lol:.

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Carrot: Scarlet Nantes or Chandonnay (best flavour, hands down)
Beet: Detroit Dark Red, Cylindra
Chard: Rainbow, Bright Lights, Ruby Red (I can't pick just one - I love chard)
Peas: Little Marvel (picked young they're snow peas, picked older they're excellent shuckers. Very sweet and tasty.)
Cukes - Pickling: American Pickling (picked real young, you get the gherkin sized ones)
Cukes - Slicing: Lemon (unusual and less gassy than English types)
Daikon: Purple (better flavour, more spice)
Radish: Cherry Belle (super fast, heat resistant)
Lettuce - leaf type: Oaktag
Lettuce - head type: Burgundy Romaine
Lettuce - other head type: Buttercrunch

For all lettuce types, these are good high-heat performers.

Bush Beans: Royal Burgundy (best flavour hands down, and attractive purple pods that turn green when perfectly cooked.)
Pole Beans: Rattlesnake (excellent flavour, huge beans)
Field Beans: Haba Verde (fava type) - great producer.
Squash: Kombucha, Hubbard, Butternut (all for different reasons. For whatever obscure reason, I can't grow pumpkins, but Kombu come quite close. Hubs and Butters are baking squashes, winter type.)
Zucchini: Black (prolific and mold resistant)
Potato: Atahualpa (red-gold pied variety, medium wax, good baker and frier)
Tomato - grape/cherry type: Strawberry (sweet, hugely prolific)
Tomato - yellow: Golden Queen (sweet, irregular chambers, prolific, and resistant to mildew)
Tomato - red: Brandywine (a beefsteak type that really tastes like a tomato! Also great in the heat)
Tomato - purple: still in testing.
Tomato - sauce: Pomodori Guantia (Sicilian Roma type, huge fruits, super meaty, prolific plants that fruit three times even though they're determinate)
Tomato - tree: Rojo de Sangre (best for juicing and saucing, sweeter than Dorado)
Corn - sweet: Seneca (yum! Sweet and produces at altitude.)
Corn - starch: Luna Llena (white) and Luna Nueva (black) You'd call these feed corn, I think; I use them for Humitas and Tamales.
Hot pepper: Aji Amarillo, Lagrimas del Dragon
Sweet pepper: Pimiento Dulce (a roundish hybrid from down here, semihot with tons of crunch)
Banana: Limon or Rosado

The remainder of stuff I grow is very local - I doubt you're considering Naranjilla or Mashua, for example.

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Thanks for such a thorough list Lorax :) I wonder though how different those veggies would turn out with me being in such a different climate.....

I think I saw chandonnay carrot seeds at the store the other day though so I may have to grab some.

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Dixana, you might ask this question again late in the growing season.

Lorax made it easier for me to copy & paste but, yes, everyone has a different gardening environment. Mine is one with a cooool spring, then a dry summer with a good deal of difference between day and night temperatures, and fall often comes quick and hard!

Carrot: Nantes (Nelson or Scarlet)
Beet: Red Ace (but most varieties do well)
Peas: Snow - Oregon SugarPod 2, Snap - Super Sugar, Shell - Green Arrow
Cukes - Turbo, TastyGreen, Lemon (Sorry Dixana, I don't make pickles)
Bok Choy: Mei Qing
Broccoli: Packman
Radish: German Giant (it just grows well and can get quite large without too much heat)
Lettuce: Batavia - Nevada, Butterhead - Nancy
Bush Beans: Greencrop & Purple Queen (but DW likes Jade.)
Pole Beans: Oregon Giant (probably OG but it has been grown and passed around)
Squash: Buttercup (always grows well)
Zucchini: Cashflow
Potato: Yukon Gold (just does well, but there are others)
Tomato - cherry types: SunSugar, SunGold, Sweet Chelsea
Tomato - small: Bloody Butcher
Tomato - pink: Rainy's Maltese
Tomato - red: Big Beef, Thessaloniki
Sweet Corn: Sugar Buns
Hot pepper: Super Chili, Jalapeno M
Sweet pepper: Giant Marconi

I believe there are new favorites in-the-making like Cha Cha Kabocha squash which did well in 2010 and Summerfest Komatsuna! There are others that might be favorites if the dang garden center would have them more than once like Sangre and Caribe potatoes! Yes, I know that I can find those mailorder but whatever happened to Amandine fingerlings??


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If I ask late in the season how will I decide what to plant this year ;)

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My list can be found [url=https://donce.lofthouse.com/jamaica/GARDEN.pdf]HERE.[/url]

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