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Garden Planner

I just recieved this from Territorial Seed Co. email. I have not research it. Maybe helpful garden planner?
Setting up your Vegetable Garden Planner account is easy, no credit card details are required and there is no obligation to subscribe. If you find it useful the annual subscription is $25.

ps If this is spam, feel free to delete. :D

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I highly recommend this garden planner! This site is one of quite a few serving the garden planner flash application made by [url][/url]. Turns out that if you sign up for an account on any site using this app, you can access your account from any other. Go figure.

As a newbie gardener, I've found this thing invaluable to understand how I can use the space in my weirdly-shaped plot. I was up and running in no time, and I filled in last year's garden in about an hour. Now I know what not to plant where to keep my crops rotated properly.

Sorry if this glowing review sounds a bit too much like a commercial, but really, I absolutely love this application :)

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I use that Garden Planner, and I have found it to be very helpful.
It seems several outlets are offering the subscriptions to that planner... I got it through Mother Earth News magazine.

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