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Peas stopped growing

I am in NC and I planted Wando peas on Jan 1 - they seem to be stuck at about 3"-4" tall. Any ideas on why they stopped growing?


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They should be about ready to bloom by now. Three things come to mind.
1. Not enough water.
2. Too cool.
3 Infertile soil.

Give them a good watering and some fertilizer. Wando is one of my favorite varieties. They do better in warm weather than some varieties. Good luck.
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Well I just got some of those WANDO from Baker Creek and the ones that made it about 4 inches were trampled when the rats picked out the rest for dinner, I have planted again with row cover so I hope I don't run into any problems - the description sold me. Said it did great in the south - somewhat heat resistant - Maybe it is still too cold there and they are stunted till it warms up. I did have the same problem with Maestro earlier this year they just lingered at the same size FOREVER, in fact I bought some Caselode Peas from Johnnys and they were unbelieveable, they grew so fast and were so healthy and I planted them after the Maetro and they out grew them in no time and produced, those Maestro just started about a month ago growing again and finally got peas - I can only think there was something in the enviroment when I planted them (temp, sun, water) that they did not like. I won't buy them again. I also had birds raid them and eat everything I waited about 3.5 months to grow. So they are bad news for me. I live in Florida and we did have some cold weather, but mostly mild. I can't figure what would have made them go so slow. So maybe you have to wait for it to be alittle warmer for these. :wink:
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How long have they been stuck at the current height? I know some plants tend to appear to stop growing above the ground while they work on spreading out a root system. Never seen it so much with peas, but then again I've never grown Wando peas either.

I agree with some water and fertilizer. (compost)

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