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jal_ut wrote:ozark_rocks,
When do you plant your carrots?

Do you grow onions? What variety and when do you plant them?

I know we garden a world apart. Just wondering what your planting times are there in Arkansas?
Jal_ut, I will plant my carrots and onions just as soon as the ground dries out a little. I would have planted Saturday, but we've had lots of rain here. I already have carrots and radish up in my little greenhouse. They are sort of a experiment, as this is my first year with a greenhouse.

I'm growing Yellow Granex, Red Burgandy, Crystle White Bermuda, TX Super Sweet from little plants for onions, and 2lbs of unnamed bulbs from the feed store for green onions .

Wow, like you said garden worlds apart.You plant carrots in april, I and plant corn! When do you plant your corn?

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DeborahL wrote:James, quit torturing me ! Look at that bounty ! Argh ! :lol:
I said earlier in this post James has a green thumb for sure. He probably has a shorter season than almost all of us yet never ceases to amaze. :bowdown:

Time for me to start all of this stuff, but it's too wet or snowy to get out in the garden. This week is the week I HAVE to do something, it is going to rain all weekend again, go figure. :x

Just had several inches of rain last night with severe thunderstorms. sorry just crying in my wheaties here. :cry:

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I plant corn May 5 or as soon thereafter as possible. I will usually make three plantings spaced three weeks apart. Beans and melons May 15, cucumbers June 1.
Gardening at 5000 feet elevation, zone 4/5 Northern Utah, Frost free from May 25 to September 8 +/-

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Carrots hate sandy soil???!!!!???

I added sand (childrens play sand) to loosen up one raised bed for carrots and they loved it. The bed without sand didn't do as well. Maybe I got lucky.

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