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I have a question I have cut some of my broccoli heads and see the small side shoots coming up, some look like the side head has its own leaves and new head inside, will they get real big, when should I cut them or how long should I wait on the side shoots. First time on this. Don't want to cut them to early. :shock:

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I'm sure others know more than me, but you know I have to interject :wink:

If I remember correctly, they don't get too big. maybe half a baseball sized at most. My suggestion would be to err on the side of eating it young. It'll only be sweeter and more tender. However if it over ripens, it won't be very good and you'll be eating flower buds...

that reminds me...

Keep an eye on the buds and that will tell you something. If they start to look like they are spreading apart and/or opening, cut it an eat it!

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Yes, it is the size of the buds that determinw when to cut them. The side shoots will always be much smaller than the first main head.

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Broccoli will continue to get side shoots even till december! My early broccoli that I took the head off will try to go to flower all summer and I cut it back several times then in the fall it seems to get nice little heads. keep the flowers off and you will have it for a long time with most varities!

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