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Pro-sand Vegtables

I'm looking to expand my garden some; however most of the available areas are closer to my house. Once you get down 6 inches that area is backfilled mostly with sand. Any suggestions to what vegtables might do better in this area ?? Not really a great option to remove it all so hoping I might find something that will do okay in that soil with plenty of water and fertilizer. Much of the area I'm looking at is south facing and gets great sun.

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Any shallow-rooted plant should do well there. Greens, for instance, would do fine, and any of the varieties of short carrots. Radishes ought to do well in that depth of soil, too.

You could also build a raised bed, just by piling up good soil. Raised beds don't have to have sides, such as boxes. I always just piled up soil on top of the ground to create a rounded mound about 3 or 4 feet wide and however long I wanted it. It's almost imperative to plant that way where I live, because the soil is heavy clay with terrible drainage. To build a new bed, I usually buy topsoil or loam by the truckload from a landscaping supply company. I can get mulch and other stuff at the same time. I mix the soil with compost and spread it about a foot deep where I want to plant. It will settle, so you can spread it even deeper, if you like. I have a friend who makes his new raised beds about 18" deep the first year he plants them. You could just add about 6 to 12 inches to your bed, and then you could plant just about any veggie there. :)
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