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they just didn't want to stay, all the aphids are still there
That's why my suggestion was to trap the ladybugs inside a "cage" WITH the aphids.

It generally works better when the ladybugs come to your garden voluntarily. Conscripted ones may be disoriented or may not be familiar with local aphids, or they have other things on their tiny little minds. :lol: They sometimes sell pheromones/bait to entice the ladybugs to stay.

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thanks, I will keep an eye out for the seeds of those 2 plants.

I don't add any chemical fertilizers to my garden so I don't think it's because of that.

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I'm fairly new, but I had heard somewhere that basil is a good deterrent for bugs to use in your garden. since this seems to be a good thread to post this question.. here goes nothing.

Do you make a liquid mix from basil and spray it as if it is a pesticide? or is it the mere fact of having basil plants in your garden that would deter bugs in your garden? or would this even work? anyone with any info on this topic please chime in :D.


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I haven't heard basil but onions and garlic is supposedly supposed to repel them, I have read that you should plant them through out your veggie garden, I have some garlic seed in some containers, just waiting for them to sprout.

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I read an interesting article the other day about growing crops in the shade. It mentioned using a reflective much like red plastic or aluminum foil to increase light exposure to the plants and increase some of the canopy temperature.

It mentioned, however, that these mulches will deter aphids and I think thrips. I'd try the foil first since for some reason I would think that it would be more annoying to the aphids.

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You can use Azamax to prevent many little pests and fungal attacks. It is really easy to use and Certified Organic. You just spray it in problem areas like the bottom of leaves and in the soil/medium. The Azamax will stop the hatchlings from reproducing.

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You need some spiders and small birds.

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