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Zone 5 - Indoor seed planting tips

Last year I purchased cabbage and broccoli plants late but they did fantastic … and I usually only purchase peppers and tomato plants. I would like to give it a shot this year and need some help.

1st question: In what do I grow the seeds in?
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Maybe one of the Mods can move your post to here.

1. I use peat and Perlite seed starting mix. Up potting, gives me a chance to plant the seedlings deeper if spindly.

2. No more than 16 hours. Within a few inches. move up as the plants grow. I don't use lights, I start mine in a greenhouse.

3.Yes, and once a day will probably work. :D

4. Check the seed starting forum.

5. All of them make it easier. Bottom heat for peppers, tomatoes, egg plant, tomatillos especially.


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Yeah, we have a whole new seed starting forum now, with tons of good info in it. I use heat pads for germinating the warm weather crop seeds, but I have never used a thermometer. I don't think precision is all that important.

All my plants are transplanted at least once, maybe twice, before being set out. The smaller seeded things, I plant crowded into the little cells. Then they get moved to one per cell, then they get moved to 3" pots. Bigger things may start 1 per cell.

Water from the bottom only - set your pots (or cups or whatever) in trays and just pour (A LITTLE) water into the bottom of the tray and let the soil soak it up.

If you are willing to spend time with your plants once a day, you should be successful.
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Planting broccoli and cabbage seeds.

Cole crops grow so fast and sprout even in colder conditions. The roots are very small. I would plant them in a compost sand mix or a garden soil sand mix! save your good soil for tom and pep.I would also plant the cole crops thin so they don't get too stringy! Try brussle sprouts you will love how they grow even till christmas!You can leave the cole crops in the box longer if they are planted thin like one per square inch and get them out of the intense heat or they will go to seed too quick!! I would also suggest a cold frame planting when the temp is above 25 or above outside. Put two one gallon bottles of water inside the small 4 by 6 cold frame! also a little blood meal burried 6 inches deep or some type of manure burried for early heat.! Plant the peas outside 2 months before the last frost! I like the alaskan peas the best with the 5 foot vines!
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