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Amaranth 101 ?

I want to try growing amaranth this year and couldn't decide on one variety so bought two: Mayo Indian Amaranth and Golden Amaranth. :roll:

Anyone have experience growing them? When should they be seeded? (...around same time as...?) I believe they're relatively drought tolerant, am I right?

I suppose they really need to be separated if I want to save seeds....

How do you tell when they're ripe for grain harvesting, and do you have to do anything special to process them for eating -- threshing, etc.?

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Apps, perhaps these will help you out:

[url=]Growing Amaranth and Quinoa[/url]

[url=]Guide to Growing Amaranth[/url]

[url=]Growing Amaranth and Enjoying the Super Grain all Year Long ...[/url]

Hope this helps :).
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I grew a bit of Amaranth last year - with modest success. The variety I grew was Copperhead - it was beautiful - which is part of the fun.

Keep in mind that amaranth is really just fancy pig weed. Like pig weed, amaranth likes warm, so don't push it too early. - Around the same time as beans I would say.

I wrote up my experiences on my blog if you want more details. My harvest methods, etc.

Have fun ... Its a worthy endeavor and great food!


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we grow amaranth almost every year, this year we got a nice big yielding purple flowered variety. sow outdoors when soil and weather has warmed, it grows fast.
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