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My backyard garden (in my mind!)

OK, so I believe in the idea of planning your work and working your plan. What I am planning is probably 175 degrees different from what I have done it the past, and for the first time, I'm not thinking just about next year's harvest. Some of the plants will take 2, maybe 3 years to be productive

I'll try to paint a picture of my garden.

Back row:
Two Dwarf Apple Trees - My Greenhouse
A row of blackberries
Three rows of strawberries
Three rows of Sweet Potatoes
Two rows of White Potatoes
A row of broccoli
A row of peppers, tomatoes
A row of carrots

Each row is about 35-40 feet long

Along the west side of the house, I will have two pear trees and a sweet cherry tree. In the front yard, one sweet and two North Star Cherry trees (all the fruit trees are dwarf varieties).

Plus, I will have 16,000+ sq. ft. to raise tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, lettuce, Chard, Beans, Peas, Onions and Squash, mostly to sell in another location. Not to mention, a 168 sf raised bed to grow some other things.

I wish it was the first of March instead of the first of January!


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Sounds great! Have you grown sweet potatoes before? I did for the first time this fall and I yielded about 15 sweet potatoes per spike. I had heard that a great yield was 10 potatoes per spike so I was greatly surprised! Maybe they liked the Florida heat? Do you plan on using a trellis for the vines?

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Are you looking for comments/feedback?
I have Two from just based on a quick skim through --

Is there sufficient room alotted between the strawberries and the sweet potatoes because the sweet potatoes could overwhelm the strawberries. Also, the potatoes area will be THOROUGHLY disturbed/dug up at the end of the season so I don't think you want that to be too close to the perennial fruits border.

Wouldn't you put the two sweet cherries near each other in stead of Northstar? (Depends on your varieties but some cherries need specific cross pollinators. Is yours self pollinating? I've read that the pie cherry Northstar is self pollinating though production is increased with two, so they could be planted apart.)

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No wonder you are a mod - you catch things some of us (at least me!) don't.

I can easily move the carrots and broccoli between the berries and Sweet Potatoes.

The North Star Cherries will be in the front yard, the Bing type in the side portion. But one of the Bings will be close to a NS.

FWIW, I will never, ever, be the least bit upset if someone questions my plans or points out things I never thought to think about!



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