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Hello - Pea Question! Side Note - Happy New Year to all!

I feel like a fool when I ask these questions, :shock: but I have to know. I purchased PEAS, Caselode from Johnnys seeds, the picture looked like normal peas. They are growing well and starting to develope ALOT OF PODS. They look like snow peas, do all peas look like this when they start out and they just need time to fill out in the pod? Truthfully first time for me to ever see a pea pod. I know it seems obviouis, but ever time I look at them I think, did you buy the right kind. :? Thanks. Hope everyone has a nice NEW YEARS Evening, I will be spending it reading my gardening books/magazines, no big time fun here. I am lucky if I make it to 9:30. See ya next year! :D

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I'm hoping to try Caselode too. The descriptions and the photo-wow !

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