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Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:25 pm
by garden5
I tried growing them from seed last year. I grew them only in window light for about 2.5 months. When I planted them, they were not half the size of the store-bought sets I get from the store. They still produced some good-sized onions, just not as many good sized ones as the store-bought plants produced.

I'm thinking that if I grow them under lights next time, they will be bigger when I plant them out in the spring.

Do you cut yours back as the tops grow out? I cut mine back to 4 in. tall about every 2 weeks or so.

Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:41 am
by csvd87
I have them under lights right now, about 16 hours... sharing light with my peppers. I never really thought about cutting them back, I haven't grown them from seed except some I threw in a bot last summer hoping to overwinter at least a couple to flower for some seed, I think they all died... So far they are doing good, but seem leggy, but I'm not sure as they are onions and grow a bit tall and spindly anyways, I think they might be too far from the lights.

Just realized its pretty well February now.. I need to get planning otherwise its gonna be just peppers... I need lumber... and some daylight to work with.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:01 pm
by csvd87
Well I got my garden plot staked out, I just need some fence material, and some lumber for beds, trellises and other things I may need. I've been meaning to start my leeks for a while now, but kept getting caught up doing other things, but they are sowed now, not doing too many leeks, only about a dozen maybe, see how they do, but I did plant a bunch for a friend as well, and will be giving away a few onions to the same friend.

So far, most of my peppers are started (started so early because they are very slow growing in the cool environment in the mudroom) waiting on a few seeds, I'll wait a few weeks and start my Toms, its so hard resisting the urge to plant them.

I just made the decision to toss out my 1 gallon squash experiment, it took up too much room, i need to harvest my chard for the space, and find a window for my papaya, avocado, and lemon to make space for seed starting. Maybe next to my pineapple, that seems to be doing fine.

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:12 am
by csvd87
I just found this site, some great varieties, they even offer free seeds


Also, I just potted up my onion seedlings, that took all my space, now I have to give out a few to a friend so I have a little more space for the peppers I am currently growing. My Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Yellow has very fast growing roots. Outgrowing my other peppers, which is quite surprising for a long maturing Chinense, next closest in growth is my Aji Benito, it needs a pot up soon, as well as my Condors Beak. I'll check my Bonnet x Bell tomorrow as well. Things are going well so far, except my yard is under snow :( I finally got my order from west coast seeds (backorders...) So I sowed some celery asap. thats about all for now, oh, my Hydro plants are fruiting now, HPL Hab has a couple, 1 on my Short Yellow Tabasco, and 1 on my Gretel Eggplant, I have flowers on my Chile De Onza, and Piri Piri but no fruits. I am hoping to get some isolated seeds from these (except the eggplant) ok, now I'm done

Posted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:28 pm
by csvd87
Yay, my horseradish experiment worked :) I just thought I'd try and slice a piece off a root I bought from the grocery and put it in a pot with the potting mix, after just over a week there are little green sprouts poking up :) Needs to go in a big container, maybe a 10 gal. Also I need more space :( Sweet Onion starts are taking up lots of room, and now I have some leek sprouts... The best spot I can think of is where my hydro setup is, it has the lights already hanging. Not much sun comes through our windows, but the leek sprouts did come up green in my bathroom, so they are getting sun through that window. Other thing taking up all the room is my Peppers, but they get Priority :) and in 2 or 3 weeks I'll be starting my Tomatoes. Also we have frozen snow on the ground (if you don't know what I mean by frozen snow, we only usually get really wet snow, then it clears up and freezes the top layer into a hard shell.) So with that I can't work on the plot, also a question, we have a deer infestation, and we can't discharge a firearm in our area legally, what size fence do I need, 6 or 7 feet? so that means 8 or 9 foot posts? Anyways, maybe I can setup a spot in the garage with a workbench and some fluoros for some added seed starting space without having to scrap my hydro projects which I don't want to do, they are all flowering/fruiting... Which will give me a chance for some pure seed.

Thats all for now.