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I had an idea! :idea:)

Since I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing in Jalapeno pepper plants for winter every year, if this year's winter-overs survive, I'll try pruning some of them into Christmas Tree shapes even though that's not their natural form -- or at least well-styled trees over the summer.

I have two in the kitchen window right now that are designated "winter producers" and one of them has red peppers on them, the other one has more peppers but they're still all green. They look kind of scraggy -- hence my idea to prune them into neat forms to double as holiday decorations. I might even get them nice decorative pot covers. :wink:

I think I have at least two other Jalapenos that I'm wintering over, but they've been given the extreme "winter torture" cut and are nothing but sticks with a few new leaves starting to grow. :D

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Apps, if you grow tepin peppers, you could prune some in such a fashion and give them away as gifts :idea:. However, I'll be the first to admit that it is hard to give away a plant that you have put so much time and effort into caring for.

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