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I have catipillars eating my cucumbers now

I had all my zucchini and squash ate up by squash vine borers, and now I am finding some caterpillars are eating my cucumbers too. I can see the holes they went in and are eating them up inside. Don't know what to do with this bug?


Any ideas on this one?

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Those worms destroyed my zuchs and my cucs as well. Many curse words then followed.

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What if you just cut off the parts with caterpillars in them, sliced up and pickled the cukes?

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I had caterpillars in my garden too, and I have one word to say to you.. ANNIHILATE!!

I used BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis) to kill them. Very effective stuff. And organic, doesn't harm the good guys like earthworms and ladybugs.

Die caterpillars, DIE!!
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birds, lots of birds. that will reduce the damage by far. hang nests, bird houses, feeders, all over the garden and specially over infested areas. say good bye to bugs. and say thank you to the birds for fertilizing your garden along with the pest control.
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