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Stargazer Perennials Online Plant Nursery

I love buying seeds. It might be a sickness. Yesterday, I went online to find some corn seeds, and I found this website geared to Northern gardeners. I thought their prices were reasonable, and most of their seed appears to be organic. Best of all, they had what I needed, and they don't charge shipping on seed-only orders.

I bought seeds for Yukon Chief corn, Sugar Baby watermelons, and Sugar Pie pumpkins. What with having saved seeds from my peppers this year and having the promise of tomato seeds to come, I have everything I need for 2011!

They say they ship in January, so I won't know enough to recommend them until the seeds actually arrive. However, for the Northern organic gardener on a budget, I would say this is a company to consider. 2010 is but a memory with 2011 seeds in hand. Next year, Mother Nature will do Wyoming proud.

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Great find, Stella. I'll have to check them out.

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