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I think I see a pollinated LUFFA!

I'd just about given up on the [url=]Luffa I'm growing[/url]. Here it is, end of September, and I hadn't seen a single flower, let alone a fruit in all that jungle, although there are what appears to be a couple of warty orange Pumpourd or Gourdkin (PumpkinxGourd :wink:) growing in there.

But this morning, when I opened the smothered window curtain, I saw a shriveled white gourd flower with an elongated fleshy stem. This might actually be a baby luffa. It's right outside the windowpane, which means it'll get a lot of reflected light and extra protection from the cold. The tropical storm that came up and hiked up the Hi/Lo temperatures as well as the humidity, and gave us 3 days of rain should help as well. 8)

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Very cool!

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Nice surprise to find in the garden isn't it? You did well, congratulations!

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