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First morning under 70 since May

It is 68 degrees on my back porch this a.m. and I do believe that's the first time since late May that its been below 70. With a high of 86 predicted, I think it's about time to pull the okra and get the ground ready for the last of my fall planting. Collard greens, swiss chard and a few more broccoli plants are next in line for the soil.

Man, this feels great and I'm ready for some serious gardening work today. All I can say is, "It's about time!!!"

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I finally have some nice weather as well, after we got to 100°F about a week ago.

It is 54°F right now and it feels very nice. Yesterday was a great day for outside work since we had clouds, temperatures in the 70s, and a cool North wind.

The summer here has been very hot with upper 90s and near 100 most of July, August, and September.

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49 degrees here in North Texas last night. Mid 60's at night the rest of the week. I love it and my tomatoes love it.

Saw on the news where downtown Los Angeles was 113 degrees today. Things are getting strange on the weather front.


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Here in central Alabama this week we have nights in the 60s and low 80s during the day. What a change from 97 and 100 last week. I still have tomatoes from second planting, okra is tall but still blooming, egg plant looks great, and plentiful peppers.

Not sure I will do much winter gardening (with the broken leg) but I did put some tomato transplants in some large pots this afternoon. Will move them to my new greenhouse if (1) I get out of this cast and (2) it does not freeze before I get the green house finished.

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lakngulf, my tomatoes are fairly fresh in the ground, maybe a month now and they are starting to flower. I have a fresh batch of cucs and hopefully they will do something before it gets too cool for them. I did pull my okra today and they were huge and still producing but I have more than I need now and wanted the room for other things.

If I lived closer, I'd finish that greenhouse for you. I do have some considerable carpentry skills but lean toward cabinetmaking for the creative aspect.

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That's all we've been having lately are temps in the 60s and lower.

The first cool days are the reminders to get the fall garden started.

At least where you are, you can go into the winter months. My gardening season sort of ends in about mid-November...and that's if I stretch it out with some root crops like radishes.

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