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Turnips.....from the local farmers market

My mom bought turnips from a local farmers markey today. I noticed that the turnips have small plants starting to grow out of them.

If I cut the top of the turnips off (where the small plants are) and plant them in my garden, will they keep growing?

Keep in mind I'm in Orlando and it's still hot here.

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only one way to find out!

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Most likely, but it would probably help to start it in a pot with good potting soil where you can keep it evenly damp.

Works with carrot tops too, if you leave a little of the orange root with the greens, though it helps to just set the carrot tops in water for awhile, until it starts producing roots.

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You can do something similar with onions, Except you plant the roots, not the top. The onion will not grow another bulb, but will instead produce more greens.

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