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Drowning weeds

I put two wheel barrows full of weeds in a 50 gallon water barrel yesterday. How long do I need to leave them to be sure the job of drowning all offspring is done?

I've been beaten by squirrels. I will not be done in by a weed no matter how smart they are.

I just have to be more intelligent than something in that yard.

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When the weeds stop swimming and coming up for air then you have drowned them. This works well for tree rats also.

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Hmmm. Sounds a little bit like trying to drown a fish. Some roots can live for years in water. And things could get pretty smelly in the meantime. Maybe sun might be a better option?

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your fighting a loosing battle, weeds will always win if you keep pulling them.

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:) I love the image of weeds jumping into the barrow for a ride!

Here's a thread where Applestar talked about the drowned weeds thing:

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Oh yeah! Drowned weeds -- as described in the link rainbowgardener posted -- are GREAT for kicking the compost pile into high gear. 8)

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Everybody's a comedian.

I know that someone here said that weeds and seeds could be drowned. Now I have 100 gallons of weeds and water just staring up at me like bubbling oatmeal.

Am I tripping again? Last one was in the 70's. Mabye Webmaster knows. I'll use the magic words to summon him.


Now I wait.

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