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Need help growing onions.

I found this on ebay, 50 Heirloom Egyptian Winter Walking Onion Bulbs Pioneer.

Is this a good onion to grow?

I am trying to learn how to grow onion. I have no idea what I am doing. I have never been able to grow onion in my garden. I'm not sure this is the correct thing to buy.

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Gary, honestly I've never had any luck with them and I can grow onions.

My best suggestion is go with an onion that does well in your area; local feed stores probably carry the onion that does well in your zone.

That being said, I can't grow 1015's/Texas Sweets to save my soul. I grow an intermediate day hybrid called Candy. I've actually been able to cure and hold through January after May/June/July harvesting. Pm me, because right now I can't find the people I buy from at my fingertips.

The rules say, plant and make a furrow of nitrogen in between. Mine are planted in raised beds, about 1 inch deep for starts. My beds have massive amounts of compost. The beds are heavily tilled with blood meal and massive amounts of bone meal. I interplant with stuff that I don't care about, anything that sprouts fast and shades. Lettuces/Spinach/Chard works well. I'm not concerned with getting crops from them, just need the shade to keep out the weeds. Actually I broad cast those seeds before I plant the onions.

The beginning onions need nitrogen, quite a bit. When the tops at my house are at least 6 inches tall, I start adding stuff that bulbs need (phosphorus) and cut way back on the nitrogen. Too much N, makes them hot and they don't bulb well.

They must be weeded and watered regularly. Onions, need regular water, otherwise they will bolt. If they bolt; start sending up flowers, pull and learn to can.

Make sure your bed is tilled well, no stones...don't over till.

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Jal, a member here, grows Egyptian onions with great success. Perhaps He'll drop by and lend some of his experience.

[url=]Here[/url] are some of his Egyptian onions.

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Gary, pm me your address, I still have excess Egyptian Onions both the larger bottom bulbs, and the topsets.
I have so many, too many, that I actually am dehydrating them, planning on smashing them into onion powder.

Please, anyone wanting some Egyptian Onions let me know!

I can't grow onions past the green onion stage... And I can't kill Egyptian Walking Onions! When I forget them in a bucket, they just sprout and grow anyhow. Drop one in the path, and it is there growing until you dig it up!

I keep small styrofoam cups of them growing by my cookstove, and just snip some off when cooking... I still can't kill them, unless I forget to water them! And even then, they are very forgiving.

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