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Turkeys & Insects

Folks have been talking about the different fowl they have like chickens, Guinea Fowl, and ducks. They seem to be pretty good at eating insects. I didn't have any fowl until I looked out the door earlier and saw these. Do turkeys eat insects?


It was kinda funny because when I saw them, I rushed to get my camera. They were a good distance from the house so I had to use telephoto. While I was loading them to photobucket, I looked outside and they were right in front of my front door.


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I'm not sure about insects, but they seem to like onion starts. Last year, I had some wild ones wander by and pluck up a few of my newly planted starts :lol:.

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Wild turkeys are omnivores. They are well known for their love of acorns and other nuts, but they also eat insects, seeds, grasses and berries. They even eat small animals that they manage to catch.

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Guineas, I have read, will do a number on squashbugs and stinkbugs. Apparently, that's their favorite. I also read that they don't bother the vegetables like chicken and turkeys. All three eat grass. I would LOVE to get my hands on about 10 guinea hens and keep in the garden all summer long. Oh but they would get FAT here! I just worry about the neighbors dogs. That and I would have to do some heavy persuation on the DH. :wink: :D We also get lots of hawks and falcons around here. As well as racoons and foxes. IDK... I still want them. And chicken hens, too! :()

...and somegoats, too!

...and while I'm at it... Maybe some children, too. I hear they can be cheaply bribed into yardwork ;)

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[url=https://www.stockmangrassfarmer.net/cgi-bin/page.cgi?id=689]Here[/url] is a nice article on the benefits of turkeys and lists some of the pests they consume.

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