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Hello, My name is Robototitico. I live in Ireland. I wish to start a small vegetable garden.


Is it true that one sows an early crop in march, or a main crop in June?
I read somewhere however that there are certain varieties which can be sowed in July/August, for an autumn crop? Which varieties are these?


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Potatoes are early season, mid-season, and long season. Depending on the length of your growing season you could plant early potatoes and in another section plant mid or long season potatoes. You could also plant an early season potato in the spring and an early season in the fall.

Any of the catalogs would tell you how long each takes to harvest. I don't know the varieties which are availablein Ireland.


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I concur! Though, I will add that I tend to plant my potatoes in May and start harvesting them (with the best results) in mid to late August to mid October. My yields of potatoes seem to be best this way with a minimum of 38 potatoes per plant last year. I did take several dozen out yesterday from about 4 plants.

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