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The Sugarbabies are done!!!

Well I've been waiting it seems like forever for my sugarbaby water mellons to reach maturity. I've been waiting for the stems attached to the mellon to turn brown, but they have'nt yet, so I read the little card that came with the starter plants, and it read that they reach maturity in 80 days, so I counted the days on the calender, and it's been 83 days. I popped one from the garden just a while ago, and as I started to cut it , it just split into almost like it was under pressure!!!??? I thought maybe something was wrong, but then I smelled that wounderful sweet small of a nice ripe water mellon, I could'nt wait to taste it and boy was it GOOD, really sweet, and jucey. I'm really proud of my garden, it's the first one I grew in 27 yrs, and the Lord really blessed me with it this year.
Paul :D :) :lol:

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It sounds like you caught that melon just in time! It would probably have split in another day or two.

There is a thread on here titled "First time melon grower" and it is packed with information on growing melons. Definitely worth checking out.

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