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my thoughts for next year...

Next year I plan on making my whole 30 foot by 50 foot garden all potatoes... so far I've grown yukon gold and kennebec... I want to try a red, blue and also a fingerling type... any suggestions for my area? I am also going to cover my whole fence with peas.... any ideas or comments slash thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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It's generally recommended NOT to grow potatoes in the same area the following year, so if you grew some this year, it maybe best to plant potatoes everywhere else but.

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[quote="greg1186"]Next year I plan on making my whole 30 foot by 50 foot garden all potatoes...

You must truly love potatoes to dedicate an entire garden to one type crop. Personally, I couldn't do it since I love most things vegetable and try to get as many varieties as I can in what space I now have.

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Agree with above... if next year your whole garden is potatoes, what would you do the following year, not to put potatoes in the same space they were? Alternate years of growing potatoes? 30x50 is small scale (relative to farms), but still monoculture crops tend to attract all the diseases and pests that crop is prone to.

Think about doing some companion planting:

Beans, cabbage, corn, and horseradish all help potatoes grow better and improve the flavor of your potatoes when grown together.

Tansy, nasturtium, coriander, and catnip planted nearby repel Colorado potato beetle.

Interplant potatoes with lettuce, scallions, radishes, and spinach. All of these crops mature fast and will be harvested long before the potatoes are ready to harvest.

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Its your garden so do with it what you like. Roninger/Potato Garden have a good selection and descriptions. Potatoes are just about the most productive crop on the planet so you will certainly have plenty of food. Do you have someplace with proper conditions for long term storage of several hundred pounds of potatoes?

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Well, I'm jumping on the band-wagon and saying not to plant in the same spot, as well. How much of your garden did you use for potato planting this year?

You could plant some other crops here and potatoes everywhere else. Or, if you have enough land...........just put in another potato garden. This way you can rotate between gardens for potatoes.

Out of curiosity, what do you do will all your potatoes? Do you sell some or give some away?

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