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tilling stuff into soil questions

I'm working on my garden right now... I'm taking everything out except few tomatoes and of course my sparagus.. it is over run with weeds and grass ughhh. How can I stop this.. I'm taking out the grass path and replacing it with a brick path so the grass doesn't spread. And is it ok to till in ash from the fire pit?? What other stuff can I till in? Thanks!

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You can till in most any thing organic, you want to avoid seeds. Sand is good to add as well if you have a lot of clay.

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I agree about the seeds lol. I accidently put some melon seeds in my garden and I had a nice big crop of melons growing - where I don't want them. LOL. I pulled them all up except one. I want to see how it does.

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I've always thought building my beds each year is about the same as cooking gumbo. For gumbo, you make a roux of flour and oil (dirt), then you look in the refrigerator and find the leftovers from previous meals and add them with some water. For the garden bed, add all the organics you can locate with some water. With Gumbo, you can spice it up a little with some hot sauce. For the garden bed, add something like compost for the extra spice. Gumbo is great as are good garden beds.


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With the ash, 2 cups per 100 sq. ft. is adequate as it will make your soil very alkaline. Aside from that, the more organics, the better :D.

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