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Hot Peppers need help

I don't eat hot peppers but my son loves them so I put in a hot pepper plant for him. The problem is I don't know which kind of hot peppers they are!!?? The plant is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall, and the peppers are about 5 inches long, and as big around as a man's finger, and are green with a waxy skin, any idea what kind of peppers these are? And from what I discribed are they about ready to pick, I put them in the ground from starter plants May 9th.
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sounds like a Serrano pepper you have there. They are pretty hot if that's what it is. Do you have a picture?

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Sounds too long for a Serrano... I think a picture is needed

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Yup need a picture, peppers all can look so similar in a general description...
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Well, until a picture is posted, I'll throw in my guess as jalapeno. It sounds like you're in line for a good harvest of whatever it is.
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