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Hi! I am still learning about growing veggies and fruits. I have a question about my veggie garden. It is my first ever, and it's not doing very well. We have clay soil, something I didn't even think about this spring when I put the seeds into the ground. I have some lettuce and one small zucchini plant growing and that's it. I'm wondering if I should just break it all up, start mixing mulch and shredded newspaper into it and let it sit over the winter. I am trying to be as organic as possible because I'm not to keen on putting the chemicals into the ground or into us :)

Also, how do I find out what zone I am in, and if I find that out, can people pinpoint where I live? Yes, I sound a little paranoid, but its for good reason (at least in my life) Anyway, thanks!

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Zones cover such a broad area that would not make it easy to pinpoint. But knowing the zone would make it easier for people to help you.

There are others who can help you more with preparing the soil. Compost is huge as far as organics are concerned so start now!

Good luck! You will learn from experience...which can be hard ...but rewarding!

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Welcome to the forum. Yes, lots of organic matter on that garden is the correct approach. Good luck.

[url=]Zone Map[/url]
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Ok, thanks! I'll go over to the compost forum. I understand about the zone being needed, I just didn't know how specific it could be to my location. For me, I can never be to "safe" ya know? :) :) :)

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