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Re: Rain Barrel question

Bovina_Beas wrote:Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone know where to find cheap plastic barrels? A location in the south would be preferred to cut down on shipping.
check with food service places. All manner of foods come in 55 gallon food safe drums. Last year, our local plumbing supply was sellin them plumbed for 20 bucks. My particular container previously held gerkins from India...lol...

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Re: Rain Barrel question

I have algae in my barrels and it is hard to get it out since I did not cut the top of the barrel, I use a screen to keep the mosquitoes out and once in a while I put in Bt too. For the algae control, when it gets bad, I put bleach in the container to kill it. If I wait at least a couple of weeks the bleach dissipates.
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