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Tiny, skinny black crawly bugs in my cucumber flowers

I'm new to gardening so I don't have much experience with pests so please bear with me.

I'm growing cucumbers on my third floor bacony. I noticed little black sliver like specs in the flowers of my cuke plants. Thinking it was a piece of soil I tried to flick it or blow it away, but it moved and burrowed deeper into the flower. I have not seen any pests on the plants except inside the flowers near the pollen part. I've tried googling and reading forums, but am having trouble finding plants to pretty well and I'm seeing budding cukes, but am troubled by the new critters. Does anyone know what the are and if they are harmful?

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Most likely they are aphids, and I would use garlic- soap - oil in water mixture to spray it. I didn't, and soon there were so many of them, that my cucumber plants basically died.

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