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second crop potatoes...Can I???

I wasn't sure that last answer satisfied my curiosity...

My question is, Can I take some of my first crop of potatoes - which I am harvesting now - and turn them into seed for a later crop this year? They are Yukons. If I can, I would like to plant another crop as soon as possible.

Or, because my first crop is considered "early earlies", will they not make good seed for a late season crop? Anybody know?


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No, As far as I know, based upon what a potato breeder told me, it won't work because at the earliest, potatoes won't sprout for about two months after being removed from the parent plant. It has nothing to do with potatoes being early or late season.

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but could one start starts now? or is it too late to do starts?

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Depending on where you are you might be able to get a late crop in by starting last year's seed potatoes. I don't know what effect the summer heat would have on the plant's development though.

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Well, since early varieties mature in 70 to 90 days, I'd say that if you got your hands on some starts soon and planted them, you might be in good shape. You could extend the growing period by mulching them in late fall or putting up a low tunnel.
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Just dug up my irish whites, and some of the new potatoes actually had sprouts on them and still attactched to the parent plant root. and It wasn't the original seed potato. Weird...
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