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Corn havest and what next?

Ok so mycorn grew crazy while I was on hols there is a cob on one how do I know when it is ready to pick andhow do I remove it? One per plant or does it just keep growing them?

As it's July and I'm in uk I got about 3metre squared left on my garden what to plant to late for some crops so what do you suggest? Soil is around 35\40cm deep

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Pick your corn when you can peel back a little of the husk and find well developed kernals of corn close to the end. Don't let it go too long, it will start to get hard. Once the plant produces an ear, it's pretty much done unless it has another ear lower on the stalk that will be smaller and less developed.

Somewhere is a thread on fall crops, look it up for suggestions on what to plant now.

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The silk will turn dark brown when they are ready.

I'd plant a fall crop of tomatoes or maybe wait a bit and then start some fall veggies like broccoli and cabbage

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I harvest my corn 24 days after silks appear, and it works every time!


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