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Irrigation while not around

I was trying to think of some ideas for what I can do to keep my garden watered while I am away for a week this summer. I have a soaker hose which runs up and down the length of the garden four times. I usually attach the hose and let it run for 1 - 1 and a half hours. I was thinking of a timer. How often should I set it to go off? What if it also rains that day?

Other thoughts?


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I have a manual timer on my garden. When we leave town we ask either a neighbor or one of my relatives that live only a couple miles away to stop by and turn it on for ~30 minutes on the days it doesn't rain.

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If you do decide to get a timer, just set it to do what you do when you are home.

My garden gets watered deeply once a week. Our humidity is low here, around 40% most days. I tend to agree with Marlingardener. If you are still in that heat wave you may do well to give it some water a little more often.

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Yeah, just set it to do what you've been doing. If it's worked this long, it will work one more week :wink:.

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