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green bean harvest w pics!

here is my harvest of green bush beans... they are trofeo beans i ordered them from gurneys.. i cant believe i got this many beans from just one pack of seeds!.. if i had to estimate i would say at least close to 5 pounds... i did three huge ziploc bags.. one i blanched and froze, one fresh in the fridge and one fresh bag for my girlfriend... heres some pics! let me know what you guys think, has anyone ever grown this variety of trofeo?


here are the beans in my homemade garden hod : )


heres my beloved wrangler


and heres a robin sitting on top of my buddha's head in my garden



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Very nice! We picked our first green beans today as well.

enjoy! :D

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Nice! I can't wait for green beans! Right now mine are tiny baby beans!

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kgall wrote:Nice! I can't wait for green beans! Right now mine are tiny baby beans!
Looks good!

I'm waiting for beans, too. My beans look like they're getting ready to flower, so hopefully there'll be beans soon. What type of beans did you grow, bush or pole?
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Good looking beans, very healthy and uniform. That first full picking is always the best. Down this way I get two, maybe three, pickings and then the plants begin to play out. I have tried a second crop a time or two, but with mixed success. Your pictures make me want to give it another try.
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I can't wait for our beans to be ready. They have not begun to flower yet but hopefully soon.

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Mmmmm, green beans, ham chunks and onions. I'll have to grow some next year. 8)

Yours look really good, way to go!
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Not too late to grow beans! Bush beans I sowed a few days are popping up already. :D

... but DH says not to grow them any more because HE doesn't like them and won't eat them. :roll: ... grumble, grumble ... but they're SO FUN to grow because they're SO EASY!! Whatever -- I've ALREADY got a whole bunch of bush beans producing, and the pole beans are just starting to flower. :lol:

I do think I'll plant more PEAS in the spring next year as well as dedicate more space to CORN and ONIONS. :wink:

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