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leggy melon plants

It is that hot time of year in foothill northern California where some nurseries, overstocked with seedlings of many vegetables, melons included, are selling (or trying to sell) lots of plants that clearly are suffering from agind in tight containment in their 4" pots. They had been sitting in the nursery under medium shade cloth for a number of days, the foliage is out there a foot and a half, somewhat pale instead of dark green, and blossoms already are appearing.
How do I make an easy transition out to open sunlight and 90 degree temps? I have transplanted them from 4" pots t o one gallon containers filled with compost, having scored the filamentous root hairs struggling to get free, and they are now in limited afternoon shade.

Maybe it is a lost cause, and I am just way too late. Any suggestions like compost tea or other foliar fertilizers, and how long before they migth go out to the pitiless sun?

Thanks for any thoughts

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The sooner you get them in the ground the better they will be. You may want to provide something to shade them for part of the day.

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Try to be as gentle on the roots as you can as squash really don't like their roots being disturbed...neither do cucumbers.

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