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cucumber problem

My cucumbers are way to small to be flowering.... but they are! :( why did this happen??

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Boy, you have a pretty nice problem :lol:

But really, the size of the plant has nothing to do with it. Don't worry, if the plant is flowering, it's because it's ready to do so.

If you are referring to the size of the actual cucumber, it's normal for the cucumber to only be 1 in. long with a flower on the end. It is by the pollination of this flower that the cucumber will be able to grow large.

You cucumbers are actually doing great :D.

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First 15 or so flowers are usually male and won't become cukes. You are probably looking at another week or so before female flowers form, though this is not always the case. Look for tiny cukes behind the flowers, when pollinated, those will mature into fruits.

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