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Sweet Potato help

I'm a new gardener and have planted a row of sweet potatoes. They are vining out and overtaking some of my other vegetables. Can I cut back the vines and not hurt my end product?

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You would be better off to trellis the vines. trimming them will take away the leaves they use in photosynthesis.

Sweet potatoes can sprawl pretty far, they need their space. I would suggest the trellis. Anything can be used. I used those square tomato cages you can get at Home depot etc last year for such things. They fold out in a straight line and work pretty well. Or you could make one with stakes and twine/string. If they back up on a fence that will work as well.

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You can also buy a 4x8 trellis panel made of wood slats for about $10 from as hardware store as well.

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