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snow pea replacement

my snow peas are about done, so I will have some free space soon. What can I plant at this time of the season in zone 5? Might a bit early yet for winter squash. I already have cukes, may some birdhouse gourds? appreciate suggestions.

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The hardiness zone tells us how cold it is likely to get in winter, but tells us little about when the first killing frost will come. The date of average last frost in the Spring and the date of average first killing frost in the Fall are more useful. If you know when to expect frost you can make a better judgment of what crops may stand a chance of making it if planted now.

If you have 75 days left, bush beans, cukes, and summer squash.

90 days left, cantaloupe, corn.

110-120 days left, winter squash.

These are all warm weather crops that will germinate with hot weather.

If you can still get pepper plants from the nursery, some bell peppers would probably make it.
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