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ethics213 wrote:
rootsy wrote:If the corn is very light green / yellow then you have a severe lack of nitrogen. Too much moisture (like standing water over a period before absorbsion) will tie up available nitrogen and severely stunt growth.

If you have incorporated A LOT of green manure (grass clippings, etc) that will also tie up nitrogen.

That variety should achieve 5 - 6 feet in good soil with proper nutrition.

Side dressing with small number fertilizers is futile... Especially if your ground lacks sufficient nitrogen to begin with.
See that's the thing. The corn is/was green as could be. I honestly don't believe that it's a nute problem. The only yellowing that occurred was the lower first leaves on a few of the plants. literally only a few.


I had only used grass clippings as a light mulch. the only other green manure used was when i tilled under the crimson clover that had been growing there before.

I figure it had to be the 6+ inches of rain that fell last month. although the area drains wonderfully with no ponding what so ever... i just can't see what else would of caused the stunted growth.

I went ahead and tilled under three rows (leaving three just to see what they'll do) and replanted. I put 5 half rows of the same corn in and planted bush beans in the rest of the plot. [/img]
That's not green..... That is very LIGHT green... unless it is just the photo coloring...

Even with some weed pressure it should be a very dark green if it has enough nitrogen to feed on.

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