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some pics from a gardening newb!

While I'm not really new to gardening (I used to work in my grandparents' and parents' gardens when I was little), this is my first garden planted and tended all on my own.

I've got quite a few different plants, most of which are doing pretty well. I didn't snap pictures of everything, but I will add more later.

This is one of my Early Girl tomato plants. They were looking pretty sad, but have perked up recently and all 6 have at least 2 baby tomatoes on them.

I also have 3 Jalapeno plants, and today I just discovered my first little pepper:

And lastly, the bunnies, or some other furry creature have had their way with my peas and bush beans. This is one of my bean plants that was reduced to a stalk basically:

My taters are growing like crazy, I just hilled them again today with dirt. I have a couple of tiny watermelons and my pumpkin plant and summer squash have perked up quite a bit with the recent warm weather.

Hopefully, I can figure out a way to keep the furry things out of my garden. I was really looking forward to fresh peas and beans in a few weeks. :(

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If rabbits are in the area, fence is essential. They don't jump over them so all you need is 18~24"h fence. I usually use 24"H 1" hex chicken wire or 28" rabbit fence. I build "gates" but tend to just step over them. ( good workout for thighs and waistline :wink:)

Did you see [url=https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27382]my post[/url] about how much a rabbit ate right in front of my eyes? :shock:

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