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Bottom leaves turning yellow on cukes

I have my mators, cukes and peppers all in large pots. All are looking and doing great except the cuke plants. I have alot of blossoms but no cukes yet. That is not what's concerning me right now. Problem is the majority of the plant looks nice and green but the leaves on the bottom 3rd or of the plants are starting to turn yellow. We have gotton ALOT of rain in the past week or so but drainage is good. When it's not raining it is hot and humid. Hi 80's to 90's. Is there maybe something I should be adding to the soil that cukes need that tomatos and peppers don't? Any ideas or suggestions?

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I've always found that to be the same way with my cukes (they're grown on mounds). I've seen the same thing with just about everyone else's, too. Personally, I think it may just be the growing habit of the plant.

It could mean that it's water-logged, but that doesn't seem to be the case since you said the soil drains well.

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