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Will my LEEKS live ?

I've never grown leeks before but they were on sale and looked like fun... I just transplanted some leeks into my garden. They were in a pot outside for about a month now so they're good and hardened off and they were fairly thin and stringy ---- but ---- it was 85 degrees when I did it but I also knew it was going to rain within 20 minutes of my having completed it. But I had no idea it would be a torrential downpour. I ran out there just now to check up on them and they are smashed flat to the ground... Will they pop back up and live or should I start over with the ones left in the pot yet? It's pretty well dark now so I guess I'll wait until morning and see how they are doing.

Since I'm talking about leeks anyone want to give me some tips on when to harvest and how to store and how long I can store them and how to use them? Geesh did I miss anything? I wonder would they be good interplanted with Kole Crops to keeps pest away?

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This is only my second year with leeks, (so I'm a leek newb) but I'll try to answer some of your concerns before your post scrolls off the page~

Leek are pretty tough, but since you had just transplanted them, they'll need a bit of intervention after that storm. So go out and gently reposition them. If any are completely bent, pitch 'em, they're probably done for. They need some space too, make sure they're at least 8 inches apart, if not more.

Leek need a long season. But they may reach 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter for you with care. Some people hill them to get longer white areas, but I didn't find the time last year, so no direct experience on that ;). Depending on how cold it gets, you may be able to leave them in the ground with heavy mulch, no storing needed. I haven't done it, but I've read that you can throw a layer of soil in a big bucket, stuff the leeks in, and they'll keep in a cool place for a few weeks.

Roasted leeks are quite good. Cut away roots & tops from the white area, split open, drizzle with olive oil & roast until soft. Sprinkle with parm cheeze & crank to broil for a bit to brown the parm. Mmm!

Otherwise chop & throw in soups, stews, etc. They need to be cooked down, they tend to be fibrous.

Leeks are cool. I managed to keep some going under mulch over the winter & they're flowering now with those big allium type balls.

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When my father-in law was alive and still gardening, he used to put pieces of white plastic tubing over each leek plant. Kept them from falling over, and when harvested they were always nice and clean inside. No dirt. Worked really well for him anyway. I think the tubing was about 12 inches high? before he eventually took it off. Could have been taller, but I can't remember.

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