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yet a few more potato questions...

ok so I got antsy and curious and wanted to make sure my potatoes are actually growing in the ground... I followed a potato stem down and saw a fat yukon gold with no skin... so far so good. few questions:

1. when and how do you know the potatoes are done growing?
2. which are ready first, yukon gold or kennebec?
3. I can leave them in the ground the whole summer without any damage to the tubers?
4. why do cutting the tops off before harvesting create the skin on the potatoes?

thanks guys!

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The tops naturally die off when the plant is done forming tubers. Waiting a couple of weeks after that before digging lets the skin thicken for better storage. Commercial growers will cut or kill off the tops when the tubers have reach a certain marketable size (not too large). You can leave them in the ground as long as you want, they won't start growing until next spring. If you have a wire worm problem they may eat more if you leave the tubers in the ground.

Kennebec is a late season variety, Yukon Gold is early season and will die back sooner.

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