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cucumber trouble

my cucymbers seem to grow to a certain size and then wilt to nothing and I'm not sure why...




any help would be appreciated


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Looks like they need water.

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mine did that, at least look like that. But, it's been raining here quite a bit (just these last couple of days have been decent). I lost 3 of 4 cukes. And I'm surprised the one is still there and growing.

My thoughts are that it just hasn't been warm enough for me.

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I got my cuke from my Aunt's greenhouses already started. It looked great when I started it, and it still looks healthy, but it hasn't hardly done A THING in the past month. Same thing with my squash. But its been really rainy and cloudy here and I think that may have something to do with it? Maybe you're having the same thing?

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A couple of things...

1. Looks like it's dry there. Water an issue?

2. What type of soil are they in? For me, I relate my soil to brownie mix. Perhaps add some peat moss, some mushroom compost, sand and top soil to amend that a bit.

3. Are they in direct sunlight?

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