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cucumber trouble

my cucymbers seem to grow to a certain size and then wilt to nothing and I'm not sure why...




any help would be appreciated


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As you have seen by the lack of response, it is difficult to give any help without more information.

When you say "a certain size" you mean like in the pictures? That is teeny, so you are saying the seeds germinate and then basically don't grow.

Are these seeds planted directly in the ground? In pots? Indoors?

What kind of soil are they planted in? The soil in the pictures looks kind of hard and dry and compact. How did you work your soil prior to planting?

What has the weather been like where you are? How are you treating your seedlings re watering, fertilizing etc.?

The more information you can give us, the more help we can be.

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Well, one or two of my squash seedlings did the same thing. They got about 1 in. tall, then stalled. I fixed it by giving them more water as I had been neglecting that issue at that time.

Seedlings seem to need more water when they are young since their root systems are not fully developed and can't reach deep.

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